Dukla’s cab was the support of Michal Hlinka

Even before the start of the duel, Matúš Čáka was reminded by the symbolic minute of silence of the death of a long-time physician of the Slovak representation Vladimír Luptak, the former Aprilan player and the coach Miroslav Kováčik or of the “golden” Miroslav Hlinka in 2002 from Gothenburg. The hero of the match was finally Richard Lintner, who scored two victories with two successful races and two points on the side of Dukla. “Playing hockey now is not easy for anybody in Slovakia, the head is a little bit different and for this reason we are glad we won, that’s one thing that pleases us,” he said after meeting Lintner.

The eternally sophisticated defenseman had a moment of trouble hiding the sad thoughts.As one of the most experienced players, Dukly, together with the whole team, became 21-year-old Michal Hlinka after the death of his father. “We do not want to make the situation more difficult than it is, it is problematic, we, Dukla, like Michal’s second family, and we are going to try to create conditions for him to be a young adult man backing his family. The league is playing, and our ideas are occupied by work, making it a little easier, “added Lintner.

Just after his return to pre-season return to Trencin together with the club successfully launched a media campaign “Also Dukla”, which included several audience events, including two successful quizzes by Marián Hossu to score a goal under the roof of the Trenčín stadium.The first highlight of the campaign was the 1st round of the match against Košiceam, in which Trenčania lost 1: 2. They wanted to fix the taste against Skalica, but they came across the greater resistance they had expected. “After we played against Košiceam and we did not get a single point, our ambitions are still high.” The first victory was tough, demanding, but we have it, “he added.

In the racing game he stood up to the puck twice, and in both cases he was successful. He first presented himself with a clever ending over the concrete, and at the decisive moment he chose a hard knock for the close-up to which he shot Lipovsky.Thanks to his precise muzzle, the home team got the first two points in the season. “I never know what to do, I just look at the goalie, but in the second case, there is already a psychological game, he thinks I will do something else and I will do the same thing, but I decided for another moment and I am happy, I’m never wrong twice, “Richard Lintner added.