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The jastrabie eye in Miami does not show Federer

MIAMI – In the tradition of bundled tennis sport, technology breakthroughs have begun to penetrate, and they should remove from the matches, in particular, often tortured scenes and quarrels with players with judges on whether the ball was still in

Tatran Prešov depois de triunfar sobre Besiktas para terminar a qualificação da Liga dos Campeões

Over -. Jogador do handball Compete campeão eslovaco Tatran Presov entrou sábado torneio 2ª pré-eliminatória da Liga dos Campeões em Presov Tatran Handboll vitória arena de mais de campeão turco Besiktas JK Istanbul 32:30 e avançadas para a final de

Russian gold volleyball players after the famous turn over Brazil

LONDON – Russian volleyball team won the Olympics in London in the winning 3: 2 Brazil the gold medal. It is the first gold since 1980 when they hosted the Olympics in Moscow.Overall, it’s a record fourth gold under the

Genetic doping is worse, notes the ski legend of Kostelic

“It will be my shortest North American tour, on Friday and Saturday I will go down to Lake Louise and Sunday super-G, until then I will train there. I need to train and race in speed disciplines because of the

What can be better? enjoys the Pomikalek Decin series

“What better than twelve winnings in a row? Maybe thirteen! It’s just super, “he enjoys the winning season of Pomikalek. Look for a good part, say the return. “We respect each other, everyone is aware of who is good at.

US Open: Ten Agassi Semifinals After a Famous Turn

NEW YORK – The US Open Tennis is one of the most enjoyable evenings of modern history. On Wednesday, the Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year (a total grant of US $ 17.742 million) decided to advance to the

Skaličanom will not be able to beat Bystřina to win the third game in a row

SKALICA – In the game against television cameras, the two teams have tried to make hockey from the beginning. The more serious threat to Kalemba tried in the 5th minute Jankovic, but after oblivion of the bystrice gate failed.The visitors

Cossack has a lot of problems: This tactic is against Spain!

BRATISLAVA – Without a quartet of stable members of the basic set, the Slovak football team will take on the Euro 2016 qualifying group’s C-group Saturday’s championship on Spain’s big favorite. It is a great desire to try to repeat

Berger in Pokljuke reached the jubilee 20th triumph, Kuzmin 13.

POKLJUKA – The jubilee 20th career victory escorted Norway to Toro Berger in the mass-start races of the 3rd round of SP Biathlon. In Pokljuke, Slovenia, the leading SP of the SP has crushed the competition, the second German Miriam

Debakel Hockey Slovan in Prague: Shatan canceled journalists, teammates failed to explain

PRAGUE – Hockey players from Slovan Bratislava suffered a high defeat from home Leva 0: 7 in Sunday’s KHL match at the Prague Tipsport Arena. The players of the Czech team in the sixth tracked federal derby adjusted their balance